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Podcast Stories

More Than Murder

Written by Darius White
Narrated by Darius White and Cassie Clark
Produced by Noah Baughman

Marsha Self is a court reporter by day, typing verbatim the words of those who find themselves crossways with the legal system. She loves her job...and she enjoys a good murder mystery, so she's combined them into a who-done-it side business.


She is the writer and director of the Murder Mystery Dinner and Show at Fern Valley Farm in Bristol, Virginia. 

We quickly found out that there was much more to Marsha than murder.

Swinging For the Fences

Written and narrated by Noah Baughman

Former baseball player Jon Frazier discusses the path that lead him to becoming a long driving champion.

Frazier is a man with a unique past and an underlying passion to help others who are just like him. He is devoted to his family and uses long driving as a therapeutic and fun escape, taking his passion and climbing up the professional latter. He his currently ranked 39th in the world.  

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