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Tim Webb

By Caryn Tramel

Tim Webb lost his daughter in 2018 to an overdose of opioids. This video explains the lasting legacy of his grand-daughter living without her mom. 

Truffle Dogs

By Steven Thomas
Voiced By Sergio Pacheco

Lagotto Romagnolo dog originally brought Italy were brought to Blackberry Farms and trained to hunt for Truffles in the smokey mountains. 

Alcoa Road Tour

By Morgan Brantley

Tour of Alcoa from city historian, David R. Duggan  

Local Corn Hole Champ

By Steven Thomas

Local corn hole champion of Maryville, Cole Whitehead, graduated high school, ranked 47th overall in cornhole in the American Cornhole League

Pickin' and Grinnin'

By Morgan Brantley

Tour of Alcoa from city historian, David R. Duggan  

REO- Cheesewagon

By Savannah Odeneal

This food truck, owned by Tina Rhea, is known for their grilled cheese sandwiches that they cook for local areas in Blount County. This video shows them making sandwiches for teachers at local schools and also bringing the gospel to their daily lives.

Fernandez Soccer at MC

By Morgan Adcock 
Edited by Brandon Casteel

Chris and Pepe Fernandez have a special bond on and off the soccer field. 

Isaiah Wright's Road to Redemption

By Brandon Casteel and Morgan Adcock

Isaiah Wright discusses what he has learned from his past mistakes, and what he has planned for the future.

Video Coming

The Groove House

By Caryn Tramel

What Steve Rutledge calls family, the Groove House

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